Blindworm Videos

Our ShredMaster Hercules Castro, ripping it up on the Cragg.

Hercules placed in the top ten world’s best shredders in the 2009 GuitarWorld Magazine Competition.

See pictures of the Cragg custom guitar here



One of our earliest and must unusual custom orders,  “Symbiotic” the alien brain bass.

I apologize for the video quality, we’re trying to get a new one done soon.

See pictures of “Symbiotic” here

Extreme Custom documentary about the “Larkspur Rose”

This is a bit long, but provides an in depth view of what makes a Blindworm Guitar one of the finest in the world.  If you are considering ordering a custom guitar to reflect your own soul, watch this to see what we did for Victor Genna.

See pictures of the “Larkspur Rose” extreme custom guitar here



The “Elephant 6” custom guitar for Robert Schneider of The Apples In Stereo, and the Elephant 6 Collective recording studios and projects.

See pictures of the “Elephant 6” custom guitar here

The “Space Nacho” custom bass guitar with owner Shaun Marvin.

The fretmarkers are the planets of our solar system. Each carved from scratch from raw materials, mostly stone. Keeping with the space theme, this bass has a meteorite nut, and a custom carved Star Wars’ Tie Figher knob. Topped off with Les Claypool’s signature.

See pictures of the “Space Nacho” custom bass here